Green Investment Companies

London is often seen as the financial epicentre of Western Europe. It is also one of the largest, most financially sound cities in the United Kingdom. As such, there are a great many investment companies in the city that are ready to take on investment opportunities from green technology and innovation companies. Not all investment companies are the best for green development. People looking for funding on a "green" project are far more likely to find that funding through a green investment company. There are a few of these investment companies in London that merit a little consideration.

Oakmount Partners

Oakmount Partners prides itself on practising the highest possible ethical standards. Their entire business model is built around socially responsible investment opportunities and this includes green investment. Socially responsible investments are investments that have more to return the investor than money. They create jobs, promote higher standards of living, and provide some type of positive service for the community. This is the primary focus of Oakmount Partners.

Oakmount Partners prides itself on being a "process-centred organisation" that focuses on the nuts and bolts of investment opportunities. The company is very highly involved with every aspect of the investment from the cradle to the grave. This means that the business takes an active role in promoting the interests of its clients while looking for further investment opportunities. This is a very logical investment company to turn to for those with projects that help to promote community welfare. Oakmount and Partners Ltd has offices in Mayfair and Canary Wharf.


Greenbackers is a non-profit investment service that was developed by ecoConnect. The purpose of the business is to link green business entrepreneurs with a carefully selected group of investors. This selection process is a key component to the success of the Greenbackers model.

Some investment companies have a set of investors that entrust funds with the company. The investment company will listen to presentations from entrepreneurs seeking funding and then give a verdict itself. This process is different with Greenbackers. At Greenbackers, entrepreneurs are allowed to give their presentations to the actual investors that would be investing in the project. The investors are carefully selected from a pool of investors maintained by Greenbackers. What this means is that the investors at your presentation are directly interested in the subject being presented.

The ability to pitch an investment is another reason that Greenbackers has become so popular in the green investment community. Some investment companies simply have entrepreneurs and project leaders submit proposals and business plans. By giving businesspeople the ability to pitch an idea, Greenbackers is creating an environment where genuine innovation can be observed and more accurately rewarded. Greenbackers holds regular presentations in Farringdon.

Barchester Green Investment

Barchester Green Investment is located in London and specialises in green technology and low-carbon projects. The investment firm is also recognised as the oldest and most well-established independent financial adviser in the United Kingdom. The company actively seeks out socially responsible and environmentally-themed investments for its diverse assortment of investors. Barchester Green Investment is also a founding member of the Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and the Ethical Investment Association.

Barchester Green Investment has a very unique way of approaching ethical investments. They place investors in charge of what is deemed “ethical” based off of the unique set of values held by each investor. This goes a long way toward bringing a wide range of investors into the fold. This also creates a larger possibility for solid investment opportunities. The avid desire of Barchester Green Investment to bring in a diverse set of ethics has made this company one of the most popular investment firms in London. Barchester Green Investment has offices on Cannon Street in The City.