The Green Business Awards

The Green Business Awards are a highly respected institution in business communities throughout the United Kingdom. They have been commonly looked upon as the golden standard by which the green practises of businesses can be judged. The Green Business Awards are only given out to businesses that have shown a demonstrated understanding of the importance of sustainability in both ethos and practise. They award businesses using a variety of different standards and the judging is conducted by a team of well-respected business professionals in the UK business world.

Award Categories

There are 13 separate award categories that businesses compete for dominance in. Each of these categories carries with it a unique set of criteria by which businesses are judged.

Natural World
This award is reserved for projects or businesses that place a significant emphasis on the rehabilitation of wild habitats and conservation initiatives.

Built Environment
For projects that are meant to enhance the sustainability of building practises in both urban and rural landscapes. This can be anything from a green building initiative to implementing higher energy-conservation standards within buildings.

The mobility award is for businesses or projects that have displayed a significant dedication to the development of environmentally sustainable transportation practises.

Waste and Resources
This award is meant to honour those that go above and beyond to enact programmes that significantly contribute to recycling efforts and promote less wasteful practises.

The energy award recognises the work of programmes that are developing sustainable energy solutions to modern issues.

The climate award recognises programmes that are having a measurable impact on climate change issues through unique approaches.

Green Product or Service
This award honours products and services that create an innovative alternative to less environmentally friendly products and services.

Green Technology
The green technology award is all about programmes that help people implement green technologies into their lives. This can be anything from alternative energy programmes to those that stress energy-saving technologies.

This is meant to recognise partnerships of organisations or programmes that have come together to reach broader sustainability goals.

Sustainability Vision
This is for the real innovators in the world of green business. Those nominated for the sustainability vision award are often the "behind the scenes" thinkers that really push the boundaries of what people think is possible with green business.

Public Sector
This award is meant to recognise public sector programmes that help show the positive impact that the public sector can have on sustainability.

Green Professional of the Year
This award recognises the accomplishments of dedicated business professionals that are showing genuine leadership in green initiatives.

Green Business of the Year
This is an award honouring businesses that have gone above and beyond to ensure they reach a sustainable vision of the future.


The judging process is fairly straightforward. Entries are all gauged against a set list of criteria. Entrants are judged on the actions they have taken to become green, the innovation of their practises, the commitment they show to green business, the results their innovations have achieved, the continuity of their plans into the future, and whether their results are repeatable with other businesses.

The judging panel is filled with well-respected business professionals that have a background in green business practises. At first, the judges will create a “short list” of entrants that they feel meet the criteria for an award. A short review process follows. Some entrants may be asked for additional information to help judges make a more informed decision. All of this information is then brought together for a final day of judging where the winners are decided upon.

How to Enter a Busines

All businesses entering the competition need to meet a specific set of criteria in order to qualify. There are quite a few different basic criteria that all businesses must meet. Some of the most important are:

- The business must operate in the UK
- Organisations may only submit applications for three of the awards
- Activities you are seeking recognition of must have occurred within two calendar years of the competition.

You will then need to submit supporting materials. These materials will be used by judges to help determine the winners in each of the categories. The Green Business Awards has its head office in Hammersmith, London.